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What is and how works affiliate program (polish text)?

Affiliate program SKATESHOP.PL

Affiliate program is an interesting and profitable proposition for these webmasters who would like to benefit from advertising at their website.

We took effort to simplify and automate all the procedures of the partnership program as much as possible, so that using it would be a pleasure and not a sad necessity. The panel has been prepared for intuitive usage and its content and possibilities should be fully known to you after only a few minutes.

Within the Affiliate program you can use a special administration panel, which shows you a list of your clients and the value of their orders. It also enables you to withdraw the accumulated means in form of a voucher or prepare an advert for your website.
All the aspects have been discussed below.

Calculating commission

Thanks to our partnership program you can earn money in two ways: directly and indirectly. You are paid a direct commission on clients who did shopping in our shop on your recommendation. You will get 5% of each purchase made by these clients. However, if the client who has got to our shop on your recommendation has not bought anything for a year, they become “free” again. In this case you will not get any commission on their purchases unless they enter the partnership program again on your recommendation. On your panel you can see all your clients and the values of their orders, so you can easily check which client is running out of time. It is in your interest to encourage the clients to shop regularly, so that you don’t lose the commission.

Indirect commission resembles the model of a tree. If any of your client happens also to be a webmaster and joins the partnership program, you will additionally gain 5% from their commission.
ATTENTION: Note that this is not 5% from the value of the orders made by their clients, but 5% from the commission they get from our shop. All the time you will also get 5% from any orders made by your client-webmaster, nothing changes here. Indirect commission is not a substitution but an extension of a direct commission, a sort of an extra bonus.

We will show you how it works using a simple illustration. Let’s assume that you have 5 clients, one of them is a webmaster and he has 3 other clients. Each of your clients, including a webmaster, has spent 100 PLN in our shop, which comes to a total of 500 PLN. In this case your direct commission will be 25 PLN (5% of 500 PLN). At the same time each client of the webmaster (the one who is your client) spent 200 PLN in our shop. In this way, the sale made on the account of the webmaster (your client) amounts to 600 PLN and he will get 30 PLN of the direct commission, while you will get 5% of his commission, an additional 1,5 PLN. There are no limits in relation to the number of the clients you can have working on your account.


Our Affiliate program has been prepared for both advanced webmasters and the beginners. Accordingly, you can choose the form of advertisement that suits you best. If you don’t want to change your website significantly or you are a novice webmaster, you can use banners as a simple form of advertisement. All you have to do is to choose the banner you want to place at your website and to indicate the section of the shop you want it to redirect your clients to. You can inform your clients about new products, discounts or, if you are a producer yourself, about your own products available in our shop (in this way you don’t have to advertise the competition). Then, press the key “generuj kod” (generate the code). You should paste the HTML code that will appear into your website.

For more advanced webmasters we have provided an option of generating PHP code, which allows you to use more interesting and effective forms of advertisement than an ordinary banner. Thanks to PHP code generator you can advertise selected products of a particular producer, clothes categories, new products, discounts or just one specific item. As a result, instead of a banner, a list of products chosen according to the set of rules determined by yourself will appear at your page. Our experience shows that this kind of advertisement catches the customer’s attention and motivates to buy more effectively than an ordinary banner.

There are no limits in relation to the number and combinations of adverts you can place at your website. This means that you can place a banner and, say, a few lists of products simultaneously. It all depends on your creativity.


In Affiliate program you can withdraw your commission in form of a voucher, which can be exchanged for products in our shop. All settlements are kept up to date, so you can always check your current account. Your commission is being calculated after your client has paid for (not made) the order. You can withdraw the accumulated means at any time.

How to get in?

First of all you have to open an account in our shop. There are two ways available. You can directly contact the shop staff and ask for the possibility of joining the Affiliate program, or you can join it automatically after the second finalized order.

We hope you will take interest in this proposition and will become our good partner.