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Making an order

Warning: To shop through the internet, the cookies have to be enabled in your internet browser. They are normally automatically turned on so if you haven’t made any changes in your settings then they ought to be enabled. If you add goods to your basket and it remains empty then your cookies are probably disabled.
Intro: The shop’s webpage has been divided into three parts:

  • top – contains all of the buttons needed to shop, including ‘your basket’, ‘your account’ and ‘place the order’. At the very top is a list of links ‘Contact’, ‘Portal’, ‘About us’, ‘Warehouse’, ‘Search’ and ‘Help’. These are all webpages that may be useful. Lower down, there are four rounds buttons which allow searching for goods using different criteria:
    • Manufacturers – lists the names of all of the manufacturers whose products are available in the store, clicking on a manufacturer’s name brings up all of their products
    • Categories – shows all of the product categories and subcategories, clicking on one brings up all of the goods within that category or subcategory
    • Search – allows individual queries (more about it here)
    • Specials – shows all of the goods on which there are special offers
  • left – contains two frames:
    • Categories of goods – lists all of the categories of goods currently sold in our store, clicking on one brings up all of the goods in that category as well as making this frame display the subcategories within this category
    • Specials – shows a random four goods from within the special offers (Specials button)
  • right – contains various data depending upon the particular page you’re looking at. The header allows you to quickly work out which part of the store you’re in. During shopping, this part of the page contains a list of goods that can be purchased, with the most recent modification listed first.


If you are looking at any of the pages on which goods are shown, you can buy the goods using either of two methods.

  1. On a page containing a generated list you can chose the size of the given product and click on the basket
  2. You can also go to the detailed product description (by clicking on the product). On this page you’ll see the full product description. Here you can buy the product by also choosing the size and clicking on the basket

Basket contents:

Every time you click on the basket, it’s contents are displayed. You can also display it by clicking on the ‘Your basket’ button at the top of the screen. On this page you can see the good that you currently have in your basket. You can choose to do any of a number of things:

  • by clicking on a product you can look at the detailed product information
  • in the text section you can see the product description, unit price, number of items of the given sort in your basket and the cost (cost = quantity times the unit price)
  • on the right hand side there are three buttons:
    1. Delete – deletes all of the units of this product (in the given size)
    2. Less 1 – decreases the number of units of the product (if there is only one unit, pressing this button have the same effect as pressing Delete)
    3. Add 1 – increases the number of units of the given product

Placing an order:

To place an order click on the Place the Order button in the upper part of the screen. You will then be asked to type in your username and password.
If this is your first time in our store and you don’t have a username and password you should click on ‘Create an account’. Answer the questions you are asked and remember to give us your telephone number so that we can call you to confirm your order. You will also be asked to type in your chosen username and password which are meant to ensure that no unauthorised person places an order on your account. If someone else is already using the username you have chosen you will be asked to type in another one. You can make changes to your account, such as changing your telephone number, at any time by pressing the ‘Your account’ button in the upper part of the screen.
If you already have a username and password type them in on the ‘Placing the order’ page. You can also use the ‘Comments’ field to type in any additional information such as the hours during which you are at home or additional telephone numbers you can be reached at.
Now all you have to do is click on the cash register and your order will be sent to our data base and will be ready to be filled. If you gave your e-mail when setting up your account, we will immediately send confirmation to your address together with a full list of the products you ordered.

That’s all. Now you can just wait till one of our employees contacts you to confirm the order.