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The search option

The search option is a very useful tool which will allow you to quickly find the goods your are interested in. If you have every used advanced search tools before you shouldn’t have any problems. Just remember that the tool carries out an AND search on the headings you type in.

A short description for those who haven’t seen this before:


The search tool allows you to search the data base according to your specifications. The tool looks for items that fit all of your criteria (thus it is an AND-type search). For example, you might specify that you are looking for “items in the jeans category whose price is under 100 PLN”. So, by adding criteria, you narrow the search. With a bit of practice, this is the fastest way to find the good you want. If you don’t change anything in the criteria and press the search button, all of the goods in the data base will be shown. Not all at once, but in lots of 20.