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The list of watched products

The list of watched products is your handy product list. It is separate from your shopping basket. If, when checking out a particular product, you click the button to add the product to the list of watched products, you add it to your list. The list stores products in specific sizes. Thanks to this you have the ability to remember a product that you particularly liked but for which you might not have the fund to buy right now.

You can also add products straight from the basket to the list of watched products. All you have to do is click on the ‘add to the watched list’ button and the chosen product in the chosen size goes into the list. It is also possible to do the opposite and to add products from the list to the basket. Of course, you can also see the product details from the watched list.

What’s important is that the watched list doesn’t get deleted if you haven’t visited our site in a couple of days. If you have logged in, the list will be stored permanently. Thanks to this you will not have to search again for something that you liked earlier. For your list to be stored remember to log into our site. While you can add products to the list even if you’re not logged in, the list will only be kept for as long as the basket (about two days). After this time, your list will be deleted. If you add products to the list and log in afterwards, the products will be added to your previous choices and will be kept for as long as you want.


In the list of watched products you can see an inventory that is similar to the basket contents but, instead of ordered products, the inventory shows how much of the given product we have in that size. Also, we store the date when the product was put on the watched list.