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Shopping rules


  • be at least 13 years old ·      
  • provide a valid delivery address in Poland or in any of the 27 countries in Europe ·      
  • ensure that all information you provide is true and accurate  


Delivery in Poland

  • Delivery is free for orders in excess of PLN 150.00
  • Orders are accepted on ‘pre-paid’ or COD (cash on delivery) basis, for all COD deliveries you will pay to the courier on receipt of your delivery and shipping cost is included per tariff (see shipping costs)        
  • Goods purchased at may be exchanged or returned only if they are fault-free. The customer will have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period (permitted discretionary rescission).  

Delivery in Europe

  • Delivery is free for orders in excess of €150.00
  • Orders are accepted on ‘pre-paid’ basis and shipping costs are included per tariff (see shipping costs)      
  • Goods purchased at may be exchanged or returned only if they are fault-free. The customer will have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period (permitted discretionary rescission).  


1.  The seller is Skateshop sp.z.o.o. a limited company incorporated in the District Court for Poznan Nowe Miasto and Wilda, VIII Department of Company Registrations with a register number of KRS 0000452035 and tax reg of NIP 781-188-34-74 and whose registered address is at Grudzieniec 102, Poznan, Poland. The seller’s business bank account is no 76 1090 1854 0000 0001 2071 2552 at BZWBK, branch of Poznan. The customer (as referred herein) is any client whether acting as consumer (in person) or a trader (corporate entity).

2.  The conduct of business i.e. online sale is governed by these terms and conditions and by the provisions of the European Code of Conduct in Electronic Sales (aka Euro-Label).

3.  Prices of products are given in the Polish currency (Polish Zloty) which are net amounts (not including shipping costs).

4.  Orders can be placed online 24/7 and the business hours of the seller are Monday-Friday from 08.30 to 16.30 local time when orders will normally be processed from 1 to 7 working days.

5.  The service area of the seller is Poland and the whole of Europe and deliveries are serviced by the DPD forwarding agents.


6.  The customer fills the order by selecting from the online store catalogue his choices of the products currently on sale. Placement of products into a shopping cart is effected by clicking on the ‘add to basket’ button and confirmation of the order is made by clicking on the ‘submit order’ button.

7.  The customer may provide additional information with the order by filling in the ‘Notes to Order’ box. will make every effort to satisfy the customer’s requests. A sale contract is complete when the delivery at the customer’s designated address is made and accepted by the customer.

8. will not be liable for any inconsistencies that may arise between the information provided by the customer whilst completing the order and contained in the ‘Notes to Order’ box.

9.  By registering an account in the store, the customer accepts these terms and conditions and permits the seller to process any such data as required for the purposes of advertising, market research, consumer conduct and preferences studies pursued to improve the quality of service provided by the seller. The customer is entitled to access his personal data and to make necessary corrections or rectifications and to contact the staff at any point in time to request the seller to fortwith cease processing personal data in respect of which he is the data subject.

10.  Customers using the services of are prohibited from supplying any unlawful or illegal contents. Any orders found to contain any requests contrary to the law will not be processed.

11.  Completion of a customer order in the online shopping service is a three stage process:

  1. First stage is completed by an automatic notification sent to the customer’s email that the order has been accepted. For pre-paid orders the customer will be provided the    seller’s banking details to make payment and for COD orders (cash on delivery) an appropriate confirming information will also be sent.
  2. In the second stage the customer receives the ‘status of order/order complete’ information
  3. In the third stage an e-mail ‘order has been shipped’ is sent to the customer

12.  The customer is entitled to cancel his order.

13.  Shipment cost is listed in the price schedule and always displayed in the process of order placement. Confirmation of the order by the customer entails acceptance of the cost for selected method of delivery.

14.  Each delivery is accompanied by the proof of purchase – receipt or VAT invoice. Standard sales receipt is the default document, however the original copy of a VAT invoice will be provided by the delivery courier if the option had been pre-selected whilst placing the order.

15.  The order constitutes an offer to contract as laid out in the Civil Code. An emailed confirmation of the order is deemed as acceptatance under the standard terms of the store and forms a contract when given. Thereupon the terms of sale including the product description and price is binding upon the seller. The customer retains the right to cancel i.e. rescind the contract at any time

16.  Whenever deliveries cannot be completed as ordered due to stock shortage or damage to any of the ordered products Skateshop staff will contact the customer by email or phone to make other arrangments.

17.  In case of any discrepancy between the order and the delivery, the customer is requested to contact the seller immediately.


18.  While shopping at you receive a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period to cancel the purchase and return the product under the ‘no questions asked’ rule. To take advantage of this option, it is sufficient to send us a written notice (by post or e-mail) before the lapse of this time. Your cancellation voids the contract. Exchange (of considerations) under the sale contract – if effected -will be reverted and in particular the goods must be returned to us in an unaltered state save for any modifications resulting from the ordinary processing and handling.

Return of goods should be effected immediately and no longer than within the 14 day period. If the customer paid in advance standard statutory interest from the date of payment will apply. The goods must be returned to the seller’s address shown on the shipment slip with the proof of purchase – receipt or VAT invoice.

The seller warrants – within 14 days from the receipt of goods - issue a credit note and make a full refund of the purchase price to a bank account designated by the customer (the refund includes the purchasing price and shipment costs incurred by the customer). If a return of ‘replacement product’ is made shipment costs would have already been covered by SKATESHOP.PL.


19.  Each product offered by the seller online is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In case of any defect found in the product or a discrepancy between the product’s description and the item received, the seller will entertain a complaint. If a complaint is affirmed the customer will have the right to receive a fault-free product, a new product or a full refund. The customer may also choose a different product and any price difference will be settled at delivery directly with a courier. A warranty and complaint form can be found here: (return form)


20. The acceptable terms of payment are as follows:

  1. COD – the amount payable in cash to the courier on delivery (only for shipping in Poland)
  2. Secured electronic payment online
  3. Bank transfer – amount to be paid is remitted to the seller’s bank account provided in the second stage of order process and the seller processes the order for shipment upon receipt of credit for the amount of purchasing price and shipping cost on their account. Customer is requested to provide the order number with the payment. Customers are reminded to allow for time necessary to proceed payment between banks in awaiting the delivery.  


21.  All registered trademarks represented in the product images are used for presentation purposes only and are the property of the manufacturer.

22. does not offer products for rental or testing.

23.  The information provided in these terms and conditions does not constitute a contractual offer as understood in the law but is given merely as an ‘invitation to treat’.